When installing Wireless networks, it essential to understand that not all client devices are created equal. Laptops, tablets and Mobile phones connect and engage with a wireless network in different ways. As such without the appropriate level of planning, things can go wrong.

One major area to consider is that of the Wireless placements themselves. Ensuring full site coverage has always been a paramount exercise however, the landscape has now changed to incorporate density issues. The average person now carries a minimum of wireless devices on a regular basis. What this means is that a network needs to cope with double the capacity and demand for the wireless users. With this potentially growing to 3 devices per person this is also a key factor to consider.

By using the chosen technology, Xirrus, this alleviates a number of these issues. With no single point of failure, multiple radio design and upgradeability to the latest wireless ratifications (802.11ac), performance is no longer a major concern. By performing LIVE site surveys followed up with a wireless coverage guarantee this also relieves our clients of any concerns regarding poor wireless performance.