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NetSupport DNA

netsupport-dnaIT Asset Management for Schools

A suite of easy-to-use tools for managing and supporting IT assets across a school network or campus. Building on the flexibility of a single solution for schools, NetSupport DNA also includes energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module.

NetSupport Schools

netsupport-schoolsClassroom Instruction, Orchestration, Monitoring & Management

NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom software solution for schools. Working across all platforms, NetSupport School supports a teacher with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can leverage the very best from their ICT equipment.


Discover the benefits of NetSupport DNA


Save Time

From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network through to device auto-discovery; bulk software distribution; custom enterprise reporting; and free mobile apps so you can access key data on the move, NetSupport DNA saves you a whole heap of time.

Reduce Costs

Every school or campus wants to reduce their costs – and that’s something NetSupport DNA can help you to achieve. With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures you achieve a swift return on your investment.

Add Security

Safeguarding your students and keeping your school or campus’s IT systems secure and running efficiently is a priority. So NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to ensure both systems and students are safe.

NetSupport DNA is a complete IT Asset and Desktop Management solution designed to save time, increase productivity, save money, save resources and add extra security to your enterprise.

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Classroom Instruction and Management

Key Features

  • Versions for all leading PC and tablet platforms
  • Mobile version for teaching assistants
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • Show teacher screen to students
  • Interactive student thumbnails
  • View / Control student screens
  • AFL based student and peer assessment module
  • Instant Student Surveys
  • Testing and quiz components
  • Audio Monitoring / Language lab tools
  • Internet metering and control
  • Application metering and control
  • Digital student revision aids
  • Printer management
  • Hand out and collect work
  • Dedicated Tablet App for Windows 10
  • Dedicated Technicians’Console

NetSupport School v12

Best practice teaching tools for the 21st century classroom

NetSupport School is the award-winning, market-leading classroom software solution that supports teachers with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can get the very best from their ICT equipment.

Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to orchestrate and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively and monitor student PCs, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. There are no hidden extras: all features are included as standard including dedicated Teacher, Classroom Assistant and Technician modules.

Complete Platform Flexibility

NetSupport offers its classroom management software across all leading platforms, so if your environment demands it, you can rest assured that a teacher can connect to a full mix of students, each on different platforms.

We started 25 years ago as a Windows solution and have since responded to evolving needs by adding support for Mac and Linux PCs and, more recently, Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

Version 12 sees the introduction of an entirely new, native Teacher App for Windows 10, designed to leverage the benefits of mobile teaching on Windows 10 touch-enabled devices.

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