Think IT | Making IT easy for schools

Think IT is an EU tendered procurement framework for ICT in education in England and Wales.

The framework was let by a Local Authority backed organisation called East of England Broadband Network (E2BN), one of the Regional Broadband Consortia set up by the Government in 2000.

You can therefore be reassured that you are complying with all the regulations, at the same time as getting best value for money

The ICT procurement framework for education

What is ThinkIT and how does it work?

A safe, secure framework

Think IT is an IT procurement framework specifically for education, and we can do it all for you.

The idea behind the framework is that we make IT easy for schools:

  • Easy – because we ‘do it all for you’ – we source the suppliers and integrate the products and services you need for your school, college or university
  • Safe – you know you’re buying through an approved route (Think IT is like an insurance policy, if something goes wrong, it’s our job to make it right)
  • Savings – we save you time and money (because it’s an EU tendered framework, you can buy direct without having to go through procurement or get three quotes, and all our suppliers have to provide their cheapest prices through the framework)